First Prize Winner | USD 20,000
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Seastick is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), capable of being controlled manually, or via a set of pre-defined instructions. The project is the brainchild of Messrs Flavio Ansovini and Roberto Linfante, of Italy. According to them, Seastick meets the most demanding application of underwater vehicles, adding innovative and strategic functionalities. They see their project having multiple applications in a variety of fields, ranging from Search and Rescue, Scientific Ocean surveys, Autonomous Patrolling, & Countermine research, to mention a few.

Flavio and Roberto make a fantastic team, Flavio says, “As soon as we met, on June 2011, we knew we were going to have fun working together. We have very different background, but the same passion for the electronics, mechanics and software. Roberto is very skilled on power electric circuits, analog and digital electronics, whereas my range goes from the digital electronics, programmable devices, FPGA, DSP etc. It was lots of fun working on Seastick and the joy we felt on seeing it work cannot be compared with anything else.”


Entry date: 10-Apr-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2014

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Second Prize Winner | USD 10,000
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SteFly is a cost effective Glide Computer designed by Stefan Langer of Germany. A gliding enthusiast, Stefan’s design is a navigation computer for gliders, with a 7” sunlight readable display, a remote stick, a serial data link, and a bio-feedback system. Basically, a glide computer is a computer with a GPS Satellite Receiver and specialized gliding software along with maps and/or tasks. SteFly would work wonders in providing information to help you make better-informed decisions, fly cross-country tasks, and record flights for analysis.

Stefan says, “My favorite hobby is gliding, that´s why I spend my leisure time at the airfield, training camps or competitions. Last year I placed 5th at the German Junior Gliding Championship. Due to this, I have lots of practical work experience with electronics and other manual work and hence, was the crucial factor in me selecting a gliding computer for the Embedded Design Challenge.”

Entry date: 13-May-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2014

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