First Prize Winner | USD 20,000
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Tdxcopter is a quadcopter built by Beni Winter and Patrick Knüppel from Switzerland. Tdxcopter stands out as it does not use off-the shelf controller and rather has a custom built controller. The frame of the quadcopter is completely made out of carbon and aluminium parts and all the sensors have been implemented using classes. Tdxcopter GUI is used to plot and save sensor data for analysis and gives status about what the program is currently doing. The most important task is the option to start and stop the control loop as well as the ability to activate different functionalities like gps position hold or height control. Beni and Patrick plan to further expand and include new features to the quadcopter. They thank Toradex for hosting this awesome competition, which allowed them to build a quadcopter on their own and be a part of the new aerial revolution.

Entry date: 26-Sep-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jul-2014

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