Welcome to the Help and Information section. If you are ready to start your own project, the Registration Guidelines will guide you through the process. The Toradex Developer Homepage serves as a technical knowledge base that will be of great help while working with the module.

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1. Required Material

  • Your Resume (PDF)
  • A proof of your relation to an educational institution (E.g. copy of your student identity card, JPEG or PDF).
  • A Project Photo (JPEG, 4:3 aspect ratio)
  • A Profile Photo (JPEG, 1:1 aspect ratio)

Optional but recommended: An introductory project video (Embedded from YouTube)

2. Making Your Video

We think that a video is a great way to get a feel for your emotions and motivations for the project. For many of you it will be the first time in front of a camera and this can be a bit intimidating. However we are sure that it’s a challenge worth taking on. It is the best way of demonstrating you care about your project. A computer, a mic and a webcam is all you need. The video doesn’t have to be perfect.

  • Tell us about yourself / your team. 
  • Tell the story behind your project, your idea, motivation and your goals. 
  • Last but not least: Do not use copyrighted music in your video without permission.

3. Promoting Your Project

Promotion is important and will have an influence in our rating of your project. Interacting with the community is a great opportunity to give and receive valuable feedback for your project.

Spread the word, but do not spam! Spamming makes you and every other Toradex challenge project look bad. Be respectful and considerate. 

4. Project Updates

Project Updates are an essential measure to keep the community and us up to date with your project development. You can think of it as your project blog. Make use of it, inform and inspire!

5. Final Submission

The final submission will be your Project Page. Besides that, the only thing that is mandatory is a final project presentation video. This could be a demonstration video showing your project in action or a simple PowerPoint Presentation with audio comments. This final project presentation is the best chance to explain to audiences in a few minutes what you have achieved during the project.

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