Entry date: 10-Apr-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2014
Multirole AUV

Seastick meets the most demanding application of underwater vehicles, adding innovative and strategic functionalities:

> Search & Rescue, Civil Protection
> Scientific Hydrographic and Oceanographic Surveys
> Defense / autonomous patrolling
> Underwater camera inspections
> Countermine research

Project details

The Seastick project is going to evolve at the next version. The first release is a fantastic robot, and gave us a lot of satisfactions and a chance to learn a  lot about UAV from any point of view. Infact, when me and Roberto Linfante, started to work together, we decided to project and build every single part. Of course this decision was brave because of many reasons like high production costs(higher then buy a ready made boards), the needs of instruments and dedicated machines and not least the know how needed. The last one goes from the mechanical design and production (prototype 3D printer, and heavy hardware with traditional machines) passing through the analog electronics, motors(yes.. we build the new brushless shaftless power motors), rf communications, digital electronics and programmable microchips, firmware, high level interface software, simulation software and every algorithm needed (like the autopilot, inertial sensors to estimate the attitude and computervision on camera and sonar).
There are few parts that we can't produce by ourself like the uP board for the high level abstraction layer software. i'm sincere when i say that we tryed and tryed lot of company and we spent lot of time working on their boards. But only very few company build the boards that we need and more important at the qulity level that we aspect. Of course Toradex is one of these, and now for us is the one!

Now we're working on the 2nd release of the Seastick, we're finishing all the new electronics boards and systems, and we also decided to migrate the "old" high layer software (wich was an ARM11 working on linux) to the Toradex ColibriT20 board with WinCE7 OS.

Our plan for this challange is to finish and run all the new electronics modules and motors (one of the new modules will accept the ColibriT20).
Our goal il to expand the high level software capabilities running on the colibri, one of the most important component of the system, which is the interface between the base console and the low level control hardware system.
This interface is multi modal, is connected to the remote consolle through the WiFi network or as optional through an audio modem (which permit the underwater comunication at low speed). The Colibri will also embed a web server that can be connected to internet through a 3G connection (when the seastick is close to the coast floating on the water).
The last option it's not intended only  to be a remote control, but also window on the sea.
Using an internet access, the operational team can control, acquire data (any kind, depens of sensors used Ex. water salt, hydrocarbons, temperature, ph etc..), scan the sea bottom (side scan sonar, already embedded) or even the sub bottom profile(optional). In some case you don't need high speed/power (even if we can do it..) or to go deep under the sea.. you just want to acquire physical/chemical data for long, and we want to give the chance to do it online, in realtime and why not.. for multiusers!
Of course the deep sea exploration continue to be one of the most interesting task to cover. Other applications can be achivied through computervision, using video camera (not much underwater because of the poor image quality) or a side scan sonar. For example some applications can be: find known stuff on and under the water,  follow other boats, handle a the mission on a swarm of "fishes". To reach all this goals , the toradex products are very important, we know that it's big job for an embedded system, we look high and this is why the quality is important for us. And thanks to the great scalability of the Colibri line we're sure that our needs will be supported.

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Seastick opened
Update #10015  |  02 May 2013
Toradex Colibri is taking his place inside the Seastick
Self Brushless Motor
Update #10017  |  15 May 2013
This is the first presentation of our brand new brushless motor... isn't it cool?!
Seastick Simulator
Update #10018  |  15 May 2013
The Seastick AUV has it's own simulator, and we decided to publish online a "Game like" version. It is just to let the people evaluate the capability of the Seastick.
Autopilot Board
Update #10019  |  15 May 2013
We're in the middle of the intregration of our brand new electronic boards we made and the Colibri module..
IMU Board
Update #10022  |  20 May 2013
this is a brief drscription of one of the most important sensor on the vehicle.. The Inertial Mesurament Unit
Seastick Mission Planner
Update #10025  |  06 Jun 2013
We needed something to plan the mission... now it's done!
Update #10037  |  11 Sep 2013
in this update we would like to expose the many changes made during the summer.
Stripped AUV
Update #10038  |  17 Sep 2013
a quick test of the stripped seastick :o
Update #10064  |  30 Dec 2013
Finally we get to the end of our challenge!! This is our last content about the Seastick project in the Toradex Challenge 2013/14.

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Gaurav Garg

Good interesting Project .....

Khanh Huynh

Hi Flavio, I am interested with your project. How do you control wireless ?. I know that RF wave can not transmiss underwater. Best regard.


Hi Khanh Huynh, we have WiFi (amplified to 3W) to control the vehicle when it's floating. For underwater operation we just send him the mission and it does autonomously.

Sebastian Huber

Hi Flavio, that´s a really nice project and all your hardware looks very professional! But it looks like you have much more experience than a student could have without work experience...


Hi Sebastian, thanks a lot! My team is made up of enthusiastic people of robotics and everything related to it. Our experiences comes from different fields of study and work, but when we started, none of us knew where we would arrive and how ... What I can tell you is that we are never satisfied, and to achieve each outcome we used all our spare time, made investments and got disappointments. To date this has given us only more experience.