Colibri is going to the sea...
Update #10015  |  02 May 2013

We are changing the inner frame of the seastick to permit the housing of the the Colibri Toradex board.

Seastick opened

At the moment we are mounting the board using the Iris Carrier Board, connected to the rest of our electronics over the serial interface. When we have tested it all, we will develop a dedicated card for the Colibri together with the lower abstraction layer microcontroller.

Seastick and Colibri

Until now we are still mounting a PC104 for Side Scan Sonar data acquisition (we're forced because of the sonar .dll), but we don't like mutch this solution because it's power hungry and all the power seems to go on keeping hot the cooling fin ;) , in the next future it will be replaced by the x86 Toradex Robin board.
Here we have some photos took on the fly, during the job!