The Seastick simulator, You can give it a try!!
Update #10018  |  15 May 2013

This simulator is powered by Unity3D Game Development Ecosystem which embed a physics engine that makes it a good way to simulate the reality.  We decided to develop a simulator to test our electronic boards and algorithms. It is also a good way to demonstrate how and what the Seastick is able to do, in a very fun and interesting way!

Seastick Simulator
To simulate the vehicle we developed an algorithm for the underwater physics, expanding the physics engine ready made. The virtual vehicle can be connected to the real hardware through the LAN network and behaves like the real vehicle. The virtual world produce the sensors data, like the IMU angles of the vehicle (compass, pitch and roll) the gps coordinated, the underwater pressure (the depth..), side scan sonar data etc.. All these data are sent to the real hardware which treat it as real data, process it and send to the simulator the set point of every controller, like propellers speed , front wings angles, rudder angles, motors rotation etc.. , the goal is to respect the preloaded mission. Of course this is also good to simulate the autopilot algorithms, PID controllers etc.. but also to evaluate every new algorithms for any kind of sensor to put on the vehicle.

For demostration purpose we also have a "game like" simulator, and we're sharing it at this link

SeastickSimulator  (the demo is quite big.. you have to wait a little and eventually update the webpage)

In this demo you're on a mountain lake with the seastick! you can drive it using the keyboard, these are the controls:

Thruster motors: w , s (forwards and backwards)

Thruster rotation: o, k

Front wings: p , l

Rudder: a , d

(to increase the controls you have to press multiple times, keep pressed doesn't need)

To make it more fun we have thrown an old rusty car in the middle of the lake, can you find it??!?!?

ouch .. this could be a contest inside the contest ;)

Hope you have fun!



Ronald Vuillemin

Hi Flavio, in this case, you're probably using Unity3D's integrated NVIDIA PhysX simulation technology - a technology that was originally developed for the gaming industry by the Swiss company Novodex in Zurich, Switzerland, and then acquired by NVIDIA. And, by the way: there's a very strong link between Novodex and Toradex :-) Best regards, Ronald


Wow, that's pretty cool!! The PhysX works very well, unfortunatly the underwater physics isn't simulated out of the box, so we had to do somehow.. The results isn't too much accurate, but enought for now. There's still too much work to do and few hours to get the goal!! Fla

Ronald Vuillemin

Hi Flavio, this guy can help you with your PhysX based fluid dynamics simulations: http://matthias-mueller-fischer.ch/ Best regards, Ronald


Thanks a lot Ronald, i will contact him soon. Best regards, Flavio