The IMU Board
Update #10022  |  20 May 2013

One of the most important sensor for the control of the vehicle is the Inertial Mesurament Unit (IMU) which estimate the compass, pitch and roll angles. We developed our own 4 layer IMU board and we're also able to mount it by ourself.


IMU Board

The measure is done using an advanced algorithm of data fusion which sample the data from the 3axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers at the frequency of 500Hz. The board is also provided of a high precision pressure sensor and temperature sensor. All data are processed by a Cortex M4 ARM MCU running at 166MHz, which also give the output over the CAN bus or the USART (used just for demo, configuration or debugging purpose). We also made a quick video to demonstrate the board:

The form factor of the board is a round board of 50mm of diameter (we call it Round5). In the next update i will introduce the GPS board wich has the same form factor and can be stacked together.