The Stripped AUV
Update #10038  |  17 Sep 2013

During the summer 2013 we made a lot of changes on the electronics.. some new boards to test.. and we have installed the brand new Toradex T20. Of course we also had a lot of sw/fw to test and some mechanical updates.

This is a test made in the lab, to validate the new hardwares and softwares.

The test consist on:
-power up the system via magnetic switch
-start the control station software and check the software interface
-starts the motors to run fw and bw
-rotate the thruster motors
-change the lane and check the autolane to work correctly
-check the attitude via the imu (not visible in the video)
-check the gps to work correctly (not visible in the video)

do you like it? ... yes i know.. still out of the water :)

Stripped AUV

I promise that in the next video the seastick will be in the water!!



Khanh Huynh

Hi, I like your project. I doing my project like to yours. But it don't look fine. Can you tell me where thruster can buy ?

Thanks you and good luck to you !


Hi Khanh Huynh, thanks a lot! unfortunately you can't just buy the thrusters that you see in this video because we made it from the scratch. Now we passed to a ring motor, and we still make it from the scratch :) you may googoling "ring motors" but i guess that it will cost a little. Can i take a look to you project? bye Flavio