Toradex Challenge Jan 2014 - SEASTICK Final Submission
Update #10064  |  30 Dec 2013

Finally we get to the end of our challenge!!

The video is a little long (5 minutes) and it is divided in two different parts.

The first half is an explanation of what the Seastick is and how can be used in the real scenario. There is a description on how basically works and what's inside, the mechanics, the electronics, the software and the firmware.

I want to say that much of the electronics boards are build from the scratch by us, and we had to figure out how to mount and build everything. For example we developed the new ring motors (not yet present in the video) and to build it we needed a 3d printer for the shell and a laser cutter service for the stator.. To build the electronic boards we had to learn how to mount critical smd components like accelerometers or gyro using the reflow oven and the other machines for small batches. Developing the Seastick we've used all our knowledge but from there we learned more and more, also pushed by this contest.

During our experience we can say that one of the few fixed point was the Toradex Colibri T20 board which always worked pretty well and fast. The development time was also short cutted by the Microsoft development suite and the Toradex support.

The second part of the video is about the Seastick in Action!!

We hope you like it!!

Please take a look at our brand new website www.seastick.it

Flavio and Roberto