Embedded System for Performing Diagnostics through Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

João Marcelo Pereira Nogueira
Instituto de Física de São Carlos,
São Carlos , Brazil
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Entry date: 10-May-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jul-2014
We want to propose the development of an embedded system to perform diagnoses using fluorescence spectroscopy using dedicated boards for this application. In this system we want to use a development kit formed by a micro-controller ARM, Input and Output devices and even an LCD display that will allow the implementation of the control and display of collected signals spectra.

Project details

Project Details

It is a prototype capable of acquiring and displaying signals spectra communicating with a spectrophotometer via USB or RS232. The system must store the points in memory allowing its visualization through graphs. Laser Diodes should be triggered via software to excite materials (tissues in general ) that will be analyzed. An LCD display with 640x480 touch screen will be used to display and control system.

The signals and spectra to be treated can graphed to identify chemicals materials.

The software to run the program will be written in Embbeded Visual C + +, and runs on windows CE . It should process the spectra of signals for characterization. We want to implement a routine to automate the process of identifying the spectrum analyzed according to their density and shape.

The prototype will be built in a closed box which will set the touch screen display along with the control board system, the spectrometer and laser diode drivers. In the box we still have to fix a support fiber which will be responsible for the excitation and absorption of the fluorescence signal. The prototype will be powered by batteries or energy cable.

Expected results

  • Acquisition and Visualization of fluorescence signals of the spectrum-photometer.
  • Reduction in the size of the diagnostic system, portability.
  • Cost Reduction in construction equipment.
  • Incorporation of new features in Software: Power Control of lasers, digital filters, sampling for selection of spectra, considering their relevance.
  • Ease of handling. Using display "Touchscreen" for "setup".
  • Implementation of algorithms to present based diagnostic previous studies, PCA (Principal component analysis), Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy, etc..
  •  Ability to generate reports, data and images for archiving. Using media such as SD card, pen drive via USB (1.0), or wireless communication (Bluetooth).
  •  Alternative supply using batteries. Enabling characterization studies in the field.


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H. Mayer

Is the spectometer made by you, or did you buy it as an off-the-shelf building block for your project? Can you provide more information about the spectrometer's setup? Will you enable your devices to upload the spectra to a centralized database (e.g. amazon cloud) for data analysis and substance identification by data cross-comparison? Heinz Mayer, Germany

João Marcelo Pereira Nogueira

No, This spectrometer is not made by us, We usually work with the commercial spectometer, they have the specifications necessary for our measurements (resolution, detector range, optical resolution ). In this case, We are going to communicate with it using RS232, or USB connection. We want make the aquisition of this signals for data analysis, and also try to implement some routine for substance identification, probabily using cross-comparison.