Gliding Computer

First drawings of the Gliding Computer
Update #10024  |  01 Jun 2013

At these rainy days in Germany I took a pencil and some sheet of paper to make the first drawings of my Gliding Computer.

Here you can see the front side of my device. It is made of a milled aluminium frame to form a precise bed for the lcd and make it look good in the instrument panel.


And this is the rear side of the Gliding Computer with the different interfaces.



Samuel Bissig

Hey Stefan. I am Samuel, I am an engineer at Toradex. Nice project you are workging on ;-) Based on your paintings, you need some more connectors as you have on the Iris board. I think with adding a USB hub to the IRIS board and some cabling to the X13 and X14 connector for the RS232 connector you will be fine. If it comes to a customized board I would suggest you to check the design of the evaluation board where you find a USB hub chip layouted on the baseboard already. Good look ;-)

Stefan Langer

Hello Samuel, I had the same thoughts with the USB hub and the cabling. At first I will use the IRIS board, because it is the much easier an cheaper way. If everything works fine, perhaps I will designe my own baseboard. This will be very interesting for volume production of the gliding computer. Which software do you use to designe these PCBs? Thank you and best regards, Stefan ;-)

Samuel Bissig

We are using Altium. You can download the design data for free from the Iris developer page: https://developer.toradex.com/product-selector/iris-carrier-board#Design_Guides_and_Application_Notes