Gliding Computer

Remote Stick
Update #10059  |  19 Nov 2013

Importance of the control stick

The control stick is a very important interior in a glider, because you have to controle the elevator and ailerons  with it. In addition, the stick gives you feedback of the air movement, which is necessary to get the best route through the rising and falling air with a sailplane.



Building the mold

On this account I designed and built my own carbon fibre remote stick.

After some drawings I sawed, shaped and sanded the positve core of the grip stick to the correct shape and painted it, so that it has a perfect glossy suface. Then I built a two-parts negative mold to be able to laminate the remote stick in one pice and to eject the completed stick.



For the input of the keystrokes I´m using five big push buttons and one joystick (4 direction, push button) to controle XCSoar. The keys are attached on a PCB and are routed to a little Arduino board which emulates a normal USB keyboard. I prefered this method to the direct GPIO connection, because you only have to route one USB cable (4 leads) from the remote stick to  your computer and not one cable for every key (10 leads).





The finished remote stick