Gliding Computer

Final presentation of SteFly Gliding Computer
Update #10063  |  23 Dec 2013

Here you can see my final presentation of the SteFly Gliding Computer project. In this video I´m explaining the different connectors at the back side of the display unit and how you controle XCSoar with SteFly Remote Stick.

The whole project was interesting and really versatile in its field of activity:

  • Designed the frame and case for the display unit with CAD on computer
  • Let mill the frame, manufactured the case
  • Anodized the frame with black colour at home
  • Produced a mould and the final remote stick out of carbon fibre
  • Glued the display to special acrylic glas
  • Designed and produced the electronics of the remote stick
  • Designed and produced the extension boards with the different connectors
  • Changed the .xci file from XCSoar to get a perfect usability with my remote stick
  • Configured Windows CE 6 to my needs (display settings, autorun,...)
  • Tested the computer on ground and in about 100 flying hours


Thank you everyone for all this positive feedback, which encouraged me in difficult periodes to continue the project.

Best regards and a Happy New Year,