Artificial Limb

Kurukshetra Univerisity
Kaithal, India
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Entry date: 04-Jun-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2014
Behind every invention there is an story. The idea of an artificial limb stuck me when i see an one handed man delivering courier at my door step, he lost his limb in an accident.

Later I researched and find out thousands of people lost their limb in similar accidents every year in INDIA. There is not much technological advancement in prosthetic which can be used economically used by such needed people.

That's where I got idea of developing an affordable artificial limb.

Project details

Project Synopsys:

Idea is to create an artificial hand for developing country who can't afford expensive technology products. 
We are planning to use electro-magnetic sensors and miniature dc/stepper motors to create artifical limb in order to reduce the product cost and more emphasis will be on developing intelligent software which efficiently uses system resources.

Development Steps:

The project is divided into following stage:
1) Development of Mechnical hand (CAD and Prototype fabrication)
2) Electronics hardware development based on Toradex COM.
3) Develop intelligent software to control the system.
4) User testing.
5) Find next scope of development.

Project Description: 
For development, we are using electro-magnetic and strain gauge sensors to detect any muscular movement. These analog signals are converted into digital signals which will be processed using Toradex Module. Artifical limb movement are controlled by motors. Encoders on DC motor gives feed back signal resulting in an close loop feedback system. Based on processed data from sensors, system can control motors movement to control the movement of different part of artifical limb.  

Further Scope:

With using Toradex products, we can take the project to another level. Eg: Like an touch screen interface with GSM communication and GPS locator which will also help in logging and debugging.We can keep track of system behaviour and user response in different test conditions.


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