K Gnanendra Kumar
Entry date: 06-Jun-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2014
AndroHumanoid is a semiHumanoid running using android operating system. The present statistics of the Robot is it can be controlled from internet and stream the video from the robot to your smart phone.

The aim is to it should be able to capture the motion from the kinect sensor and behave accordingly. The previous captured events and actions are saved with name value pairs in the data base and when ever required depending on voice command the robot will perform particular action.

Project details

  Android powerful open source operating system will be running on the robot. The Robot process the various sensor values and it will order the robot motors accordingly. The Robot builds its own intelligence depending on its situation. It will capture its surroundings and identifies the path of it. it will save the path and follow the same path if the path to target is correct. The Correct path also contains some obstacles in the mean time. The Robot will identify obstacles and change its direction tries to go in the original pathit saved in its data base. The Robot will identify Humans by using Kinect sensor by using face detection and voice recognition.

       We can train the robot to do a particular task and we can save the correct task in the database with a key. When ever we need the same work to be done the robot will retrieve the previous instruction set and continue its task rapidly. Day by day the intelligence of the robot increases by learning from surroundings.

  The eighteen different sensors surrounding the robot records the values and robot will take actions accordingly and it will save from the disastrous situations. It will be helpful to humans to do various tasks for them and also it is used to view the entire surroundings and it will just work as intelligent Strong Human.

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K Gnanendra Kumar

I completed integrating Audio i:e The Robot will be able to listen and speak to the audience using Artificial intelligence Mark Up language. The Robot is able to answer questions based on its intelligence.

K Gnanendra Kumar

I got my kit on 25th July and i started porting my application on to T20 kit. Thank you Toradex Team.