Omni Robot -Building Human-Robot Interaction Application

Tran Truong Thanh Hai
Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
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Entry date: 14-Jun-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jul-2014
Our project is about a mobile robot model using three omni-driving wheels. The system translates the operator's head gestures to the robot movement by GY-85 IMU sensor. The IMU will collect signals from the accelerometer, the gyro and compass sensor and then process, fillter and estimate these signals. There is a IP Wifi Camera on Robot for mapping and visual odometry and transfering images to PC's for monitoring. For those tasks, the Kalman algorithm and DCM method are embedded on the MCU.

Project details


I am introducing my new project, Omni Robot -Building Human-Robot Interaction Application. 


The Omni robot is created with the conventional Controller-Actuator structured. In this project, the ARM M4 MCU plays the role of a controller and the actuator is then left on motordriver. A CC2500 module is then used to exchange data between the MCU and the MSP MCUs on CC2500 module. We use Kalman algorthim and CC2500 module to estimate and communication between the modules. We're going to finish all the work mentioned above.

 Full System

The Robot’s model in this project uses three geometrically symmetrical Omni wheels; therefore any 2 wheels will forms an 120-degree angle. The IMU sensor was implemented on ahead-wear device (in field, this was enhanced from an usual headfone) in order to detect the head’s motions.


Specifically, the GY85 IMU sensor will collect the acceleration, the angular velocity and the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field and store them in nine16-bit registers. The MCU will then access, process and calculating control signal for the OmniRobot via the RF module. So this's our Kalman model.

Kalman Model

We're using RFID module for commucation but it makes some problem because my camera using wifi interface. We want to use a wide-range communication to control my mobile robot make it more flexibility by using CC3000 wifi module. We want to make a better angles estimating and image processing so we selected a  processor with more speed and ram to make a Realtime system , and your NVIDIA® Tegra™ based COM Kit will be the best solution. 

We're researching about Visual Odometry and this is my next step to enhance our projcet by using the wifi camera for mapping and localization. So We need a reliable kit to complete our project. Thank you ! 

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