On Board ECU control

Saif Aziz Absar
R.V.College of Engineering
Bangalore, India
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Entry date: 13-Jul-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jul-2014
The primary motive of this project is to display parameters such as engine temperature, rpm, speed,battery voltage, air temperature, Manifold Air Pressure(MAP) ,throttle position, ignition sequence, suspension data and other innumerable sensor data on the steering module of a performance car. This data can be accessed by the driver and used to modify the engine map through a touch screen interface enabling him to run in fuel economy or aggressive mode based on his/her preference .

Project details

This project draws its motivation from F1 style steering wheels which can change the performance of the vehicle drastically in the click of a button and in a way brings complete control of the car to the driver.

My goal is to display various relevent sensor values from a performance car ECU onto a touchscreen display,such that the driver can maximize his vehicle potential.The sensor values include speed,rpm,engine temperature, manifold air pressure  (MAP), throttle position, ignition sequence, suspension data and numerous other parameters to make the car status clear to the driver. He may then use one of the various GUIs available for the concerned ECU uploaded onto a toradex computer module and change the engine map/ fuel map according to his own preference through the touchscreen module, thus radically changing the behaviour of the car.

We are planning to upload our ECU driver software onto COLIBRI T20(IT) computer module based on a COLIBRI EVALUATION BOARD.

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Jefferson Maciel Leite

Hi Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for the project. I also like to know how you used the graphical tools (MS Chart) of your program because when I used C # (Microsoft Visual Sutdio 2008) Colibri T20 in the toolbox MS Chart was unusable and I did not understand why. My email is jeff_unifei@yahoo.com.br. Thank you