Smart Vaccum Robot

Ho Chi Minh University Of Technology
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
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Entry date: 07-Sep-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2015
Starting from the needs of life need a device capable of automatic vacuum cleaner, operate independently.
With intelligent features include:
- Self-charging, avoid stairs, some fragile items, move to the location when the energy charge below the permitted level.
- Using UV light to kill bacteria, purify the air
- Design division
- Timer Function
- Noise reduction
- avoid collisions with humans during the time it operates, or experiencing the unexpected.

Project details


Vacuum Cleaner Parts:

-          There are a number of basic functions: vacuum, air purification, sterilization ...

-          Easy to use, safe, energy saving and environmental protection.

Intelligence properties :

-          Automatic movement, avoiding obstacles

-          Detecting and avoiding stairs

-          Self charging when power off

-          It can turn the cap when the dust box is full.

-          Control by remote.





HEPA filters work at efficiencies above 99.9%. A special test dust is used to check the efficiency.


Removal of the odor, fishy, musty smells & odors.


Killing 99% of bacteria, virus with UV light




The robot's odometry function then tracks the robot's position continuously by accumulating the changes in X,Y, and theta 20 times per second, and maintains these three values: x_position, y_position and Theta. These values create a coordinate system in which X represents lateral motion with positive numbers to the right and negative numbers to the left, Y represents horizontal motions with positive numbers forward and negative numbers back-wards, and theta represents rotations in radians with 0 straight ahead, positive rotations to the right, and negative rotations to the left.


(IMU) Inertial measurement units to calib error so we can update true current position.

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