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[Update 9] Teleoperation Test #1 - Using 1 IMU and Colibri with 3D Animation
Update #10130  |  16 Nov 2014

After we showed, on the last updates, how to acquire IMU data on Colibri and send information over TCP/IP to MATLAB, as well as how to create a 3D animation using the Robotics Toolbox, now WITRA performs its first Teleoperation test. 


An IMU is positioned at the user's hand and its spatial orientation is converted to (x,y,z) position of the hand in terms of the coordinates of the wrist. Thus the hand acts like a rod fixed on a ball-joint. This position is our reference position. 


Thus we can find:

x = r*cos(phi)*cos(theta)

y = r*cos(phi)*sin(theta)

z = -r*sin(theta)

These coordinates are mapped into (x,y,z) goal position for SCARA's end-effector. On the code side, as already shown updates 6 and 7, the inverse kinematics is performed for SCARA and the 3-dimensional representation of the robot can be animated. 

 On the next updates we will show:

  • How the physical robot works with Impedance Control
  • A new and easier way to calculate the forward kinematics of the human arm
  • Teleoperating the 3D animation with more IMUs (more degrees of freedom of the user's arm)
  • How WITRA's code work
  • New tests with the physical version of SCARA

 Make sure not to miss a thing!


Update 6 - http://challenge.toradex.com/projects/10157-wearable-intertace-for-teleoperation-of-robot-arms-witra/updates/10126-inverse-kinematics-of-the-scara-robot

Update 7 -http://challenge.toradex.com/projects/10157-wearable-intertace-for-teleoperation-of-robot-arms-witra/updates/10127-creating-a-3d-animation-of-the-scara-robot-in-matlab


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