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[Update 13] Teleoperation Test #2 - Using 2 IMUs and Colibri with 3D Animation in MATLAB
Update #10141  |  02 Dec 2014

 Here is a video to show our second teleoperation test. We want/need to test WITRA with a 3D animation before we move on to the actual SCARA robot due to safety. We want to make sure that the motion capture works proiperly and is reliable. On the video you can see the performance. This system works based on what we have already show on our last updates (links at the bottom):

  • Update 6 shows how we calculate the inverse kinematics of SCARA;
  • On Update 7 we showed how to create a 3D animation in MATLAB and show to continuously update it in real-time. The code and implementation is found there;
  • On Update 8 you can check how the mapping from the user's work envelope to the robot's one is made. It is quite simple and that enables us to have a simpler code, by using a linear mapping;
  • Update 9 brings a video of the first teleoperation test performed. By that time we were using only one IMU to find the position of the user's hand and with that information reset, continuously, the goal position of the Tool Center Point (TCP) on SCARA
  • Finally, on the last update, #12, the Human Arm Direct Kinematics is explained in details. 
For this teleoperation test we have:
  1. Two IMUs positioned at the user's arm: one to measure the orientation of the upper-arm and another to measure the orientation of the forearm;
  2. These IMUs are connected to Colibri + Iris over the Serial interface;
  3. Data is received and the direct kinematics of the human arm is calculated;
  4. The workspace of the user is mapped into the workspace of the robot;
  5. The goal position of the robot's TCP is sent over TCP/IP in real-time to the PC running MATLAB. For this purpose we use a WiFi dongle connected to the USB port
  6. The goal position is received on MATLAB using the tcpip() and fread() functions
  7. The inverse kinematics of SCARA is calculated and the animation is plot on the screen
The schematic of the process is shown below:


Update 6 - Inverse Kinematics of the SCARA robot

Update 7 - Creating a 3D Animation of the SCARA Robot in MATLAB

Update 8 - Mapping Work Envelopes: from User to Robot

Update 9 - Teleoperation Test #1 - Using 1 IMU and Colibri with 3D Animation

Update 12 - Human Arm Direct Kinematics Made Simple


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