Wearable Intertace for Teleoperation of Robot Arms - WITRA

[Update 17] 3D-printed IMU cases
Update #10151  |  17 Dec 2014

In order to finalize the project, it was importante to give it a better look. So we've printed cases for the IMUs using a 3D printer. This helps protect the sensors, as well as makes the attachment to the user's arm better. 

We, therefore, developed a very simple 3D model in SolidWorks, as you can see below. The model has mouting pins to place the IMUs and four holes to attach the flexible straps that hold the whole thing still on the arm of the user. 

solid words

The model was then saved in .STL format. This is the format which is read by the 3D-printer software. After importing the .STL file on the software of the printer, three copies of the case were sent to print (one for each IMU). The final result is seen next.


Next you can see a few pictures of the IMUs mounted on the 3D printed cases. We also made tags for each case, so that we can easily identify each specific IMU (and show to everyone our supporting partners =) )