Vision System for Industrial Robots

7. Hardware: Device case and USB hub changes
Update #10188  |  01 Apr 2015


Main function of this device case is protection of system components. Thanks to plexi glass all elements are visible so its great material for prototype case where presentation of core elements is important. 

Robot-Vision system in plexi glass case


Construction details

Materials used to create case


Pillars and modules mounting


USB hub changes

Old USB hub has been replaced with [1] Natek hub because there is no need for more than 4 USB ports. Also new hub is compact size and it fit very well in designed case.

Natek USB hub


On first picture you can see custom made USB plug. There was a need for 180 degree USB plug which is not common so I made one and its working very well. It allo me tosave place and make my case look more aesthetic

Custom made 180 degree USB cable