Vision System for Industrial Robots

13. Software: Main_Window and Serial_Transmission modules
Update #10204  |  12 Jun 2015

Main_Window module application

User main window contain all control buttons to open configuration windows, also it provide two key buttons responsible for starting find objects algorithms and sending data to robot. User have view on original image from camera and result calculated image with marked object classification and orientation details. Also main window contain list of found objects and generated communication frame for robot.

User interface main window


Serial_Transmission module application

Main task of this module is to deliver user baud rate, diver configuration options along with functions responsible for creating communication frame and sending data.

Serial Transmission module - user interface


Methodology - how does Serial_Transmission module works?

Module use QProcess [1] to start parametrized stty [2] program to configure serial connection and echo [3] program to send data. Creating frame is process of converting vector with object data into string.

Serial Transmission module - example of communication frame made for 2 objects detected


Frame contain start and stop characters for secure reasons. Also number of objects is passed in for easy frame decoding and recognition of transmission errors. Single object data has always fixed length which also help in decoding process.



[1] QProcess documentation: 

[2] Stty documentation:

[3] Echo documentation: