Vision System for Industrial Robots

16. Sorting application: Robot program details
Update #10210  |  28 Jun 2015

Robot program development

Robot software project include:

  • Robot tool calibration
  • Local base calibration
  • Frame decoding algorithm
  • Robot movement algorithm

Whole software project for industrial robot was created using Robotics Suite in VAL3 language.

Stäubli Robotics Suite – software for robot application development


Robot tool was measured and implemented in project. After that local base calibration was made using dedicated function which require set robot in local base specific points origin, X and Y axis (all of this points was dedicated by background markers that vision system use for background calibration). RS232 connection was possible by parametrizing SIO variable in project.


Robot algorithm

Key point of application is to sort randomly placed objects. Data about object position, orientation and classification result is delivered by Robot-Vision system. Sorting is made by picking objects one by one, and depending on classification result placing them in one of two rows (one for model objects, second for disqualified).

Robot algorithm