Vision System for Industrial Robots

17. Final submission: conclusions, thanks and video
Update #10211  |  30 Jun 2015

Final conclusions and video

This is my last update, I consider my project as completed. Achieved results are very satisfying, and I didn’t expect that at the beginning of project. Final application allow for full system calibration and for easy integration in new environment, created system has very good accuracy of position calculations (about 1 mm for flat objects).

I am very happy that I could take part in Toradex Challenge competition. It was very big motivation for me to drive this project till the end. Thanks to work on Robot-Vision I highly increase my programming skills along with soft skills, which open for me new life and career opportunities.

I would like to thank Toradex company for creating this competition and all support that I received from employers. Also I would like to thank Chair of Control and Systems Engineering from Poznan University of Technology for access to robot laboratory, especially Ph. D. Marcin Kielczewski for time spent on consultations, mental and technical support during last steps with project.

I hope my project page with all technical information included there will be big help and inspiration for others to create their own projects based on embedded computers. I consider time that I spend on developing this system as a great experience. During this time I had many technical problems that seemed unsolvable and made me doubt that I can finish this project, but when I managed to solve them all, satisfaction from working device become priceless. I highly recommend Toradex Competition for all students because it will make you care much more about your project and give big motivation kick to become better engineers.

In my final video you will find quick system overview and result of final application where industrial robot use data from Robot-Vision in order to sort randomly placed objects.