First Prize Winner | USD 20,000
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Globo-Daq is a hot air balloon data acquisition system (DAQ) created by Josafat Piraquive in collaboration with Toradex AG. Globo-daq collects valuable data on positioning and environmental conditions while also clicking live pictures during its hot air balloon flight. The project uses a Toradex Colibri T20 ARM-based module as its main computer unit. Josafat has used a multi-GNSS module, composed of two GNSS systems, to achieve high precision positioning during the project while adopting a Model Driven Design (MDD). Josafat thanks Toradex for offering him the ride of a lifetime and wishes all the future competitors, the best luck in acing the global challenge.

Entry date: 28-Oct-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2015

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Second Prize Winner | USD 10,000
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Wearable Interface for Teleoperation of Robot Arms (WITRA) by Vinicius Bazan Pinto Fernandes allows the user to teleoperate a manipulator robot in an intuitive manner. By capturing the movement of the arm of the user and calculating the position of the hand, the system uses the data to generate the trajectory of a robot arm, so that the user has control over the movement of the end-effector of the robot in cartesian space. By performing this remotely, it is not necessary for the user to share the same environment of the robot. Teleoperation tasks include bomb defusing, operation in hazardous environments, such as radioactive rooms, deep-ocean-equipment maintenance, and heavy lifting, among many others. Vinicius opted for the small-yet-powerful Toradex module to lend the project its mobility and make it wireless to be truly effective.

Entry date: 03-Jun-2014
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2015

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