The new Motor
Update #10017  |  15 May 2013

After many ours passed to project the new motor we finally have the first release!

We designed every things about it, starting from the poles numbers, coils and the size of the magnets... after this we designed the profile of the stator blades (are inside the external ring) and the rotor blades with permanent magnets (are inside the propeller). It is an 18 poles, brushless sensorless motor, where the central axis is there only to center the propeller (in the next version the motor will be shaftless, mounted on a radial bearing). The dynamic performance are excellent, we made some test in the vessel and it push for 5.2Kg absorbing only 4A.The motor as been designed on a 3D CAD and then printed on a professional 3D printer. After have found the right design we treated the ABS plus to make the body resistant to the sea water.

Self Brushless Motor

To drive the motor we built a dedicated controller which operate over the Standard CAN bus galvanically isolated or over a serial port (usually used for debug and setup). It is able to drive the motor and push it to the selected RPM, the speed is controlled by a PID in a closed loop, it also give the current absorbed from the motor, the current instant speed, and it is possible to configure everything for almost every kind of motor BLDC. The uC used on the board a an ARM Cortex M3 and the power mosfet are able to dissipate more then 150A each. We also consider a very important thing the connectors (too often forgotten..) , infact we're using the power line of the D-Sub connector type, the 7W2 for the power input and the 3W3 for the three phases of the motor.




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Thank you Danny, i'm happy to hear that our job is valuable, this kind of comments pay us for the ours of work that we're spending on this project. I have to say that i update the website but the work is made from me and Roberto toghether. Best regards, Fla