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Update #10019  |  15 May 2013

The low level control layer of the Seastick is handled by and autopilot board which communicate to the sensors and the motor drivers over the standard CAN bus.

Autopilot Board

On the autopilot board we have a serial port to connect to the Toradex Colibri module and two CAN bus. The Colibri module handles the high level software interface like TCP/UDP sockets, the embedded website and in the future can embed a computer vision algorithm. The CAN bus is used to connect every sensor and actuators for the low level system control. The boards we have on the CAN bus are:

The IMU Board:

IMU Board

The High precision GPS Board:

ublox GPSIMU + GPS

 which can be stackeed toghether..

The Brushless Motor Control Board:

BLCD board

and the DC Motor Driver:

DC Motor Driver



TdxCopter Team

Hi Flavio This is so impressive, everything build from scratch! We are having trouble with the low level control of our RC motors. Can you explain more about your motor control board? What does it do and how? Does it operate with a PWM signal? If yes how did you generate it? Many many questions from the electronics apprentices... (:


Hi guys, thanks a lot! Sure no problem, but it's hard to explain it in few rows.. if you're talking about the dc motors you can use a uC to generate the pwm to drive a full bridge (like L298...). If you want to close the loop you can use an encoder or a trimmer, or a force sensor (depends on what you need). For the brushless is more complex.. if the motors are sensorless you probably want a BLDC driver, take a look here http://autoquad.org/esc32/ or here http://open-bldc.org/wiki/Open-BLDC