A novel cable driven robot

Cable Robot Team
Università degli Studi di Padova
Vicenza, Italy
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Entry date: 20-May-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jan-2014
A cable driven parallel robot, controlled by a computer module embedded in the moving platform. This kind of robot finds its application where weight and transportability are important, and a quick set-up is required. Moreover, its versatility makes this robot suited for a large range of works. A demonstration is given building a window-washer robot for big surfaces (e.g. a skyscraper).

Project details

Cable driven parallel robots have seen a widespread diffusion in the last years thanks to their lightness and speed. The aim of this project consists in realizing a lighter one, controlled directly by the moving platform. The embedded computer will calculate the needed length of cables, given the position and speed of the platform.

Step One: The first part of the project consists in developing a model to control an underconstrained robot, e.g. a robot that has more degrees of freedom than cables. The main application is a vertical robot working on a plane, driven by only two cables. Adding a third cable, the robot can move also on a 3D surface.

Step Two: The second part consists in making the robot, using your Toradex Colibri NVIDIA® Tegra™ Kit to control the moving platform.A practical application will be shown in a window-washer robot, consisting in a rotating brush moving through all the surface of a window.  This robot will be easy to set, reliable, and it will move following a programmed path or using a remote control.

Step Three: The performance of the robot can be further enhanced adding a third or more cables to make it work on a curved surface, like the hull of a ship.

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