Intelligent Monitor System

Ateeq Ishtiaq
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore
lahore, Pakistan
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Entry date: 19-Aug-2013
Final Submission: 01-Jul-2014
Project is about to save Energy by automatic switching the appliances while not in use for both commercial and domestic purposes,to monitor any emergency situation like fire or short circuit problem ,includes security monitoring and data acquisition to provide hightech monitoring.

Project details

 In Pakistan the shortage of Energy(electricity) has been very serious problem due to insufficient production. The wastage of electricity (wastage means Electrical Appliances are working while not in use). By personal survey we discovered that in large institutions like educational institutions and industeries the wastage of electricity is about 30 % the total consumption. So it create nedd for self controlled and monitoring intelligent control system to handle such situations. The system will automatically switch on or off appliances to save energy and will prevent overloading and short circuit.

The second large problem is fire losses due to short circuits in the industeries in Pakistan. In case of fire or any emergency situation inteligent monitoring system will safely shutdown system ,and will redirect worker to escape safely using lights and audio announcements. This system will handle both the problems at the same time to meet real world problem. All electricity load and safe or unsafe status would be available in a separate controlling room using HMI, an operator would also be able to control manually.In industries by monitoring the fire situation system will turn on fire extinguishers and exhaust system to remove smoke.

Collibri Module (with VGA Or RGB)
1:CCTV cameras
2:Smoke sensor
3:Heat sensors
4:Motion sensors
6:Fire extinguishers
7:GUI / User Control.

  • All The Monitoring devices will be used as sensors, the main monitoring and controlling system Toradex Colibri Module will act as a Master.
  • GUI would show all applainces working total Power Consumption rate, Input voltage,Access to on/off any opearating  object.
  • Microcontroller like PIC32 Or STM32 as slave will be used to control camera sensor and communication with Colibri Module.



















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Ateeq Ishtiaq

I m very excited and thanksful to toradex embedded..on accepting my project. i m hopefully statring my journey on toradex/developers. Thanks once again.

Ateeq Ishtiaq

we r at start of Win CE basics..

ismail özdemir

slm ateeaq ben turkıye den ismail sizlerle çalısmak ve bır seykler yapamak

Ateeq Ishtiaq

Plz use Google traslator...

Ateeq Ishtiaq

Performance Kit Received..