Project Website, arrival of the materials and O.S. Selection
Update #10098  |  10 May 2014


Here the new project website, check it out!!!  www.globodaq.com


Materials Arrival

I finally got the first list of materials that I need to start to work, 

  1. ColibriT20
  2.  Ambicom Wifi-USB
  3. VGA-DMI
  4. GPS-NEO6 Ublox
  5. GPS-NEO7 Ublox
  6. FTDI Board
  7. DHT11 - temp
  8. USB Hub
  9. 4 finger-touchpad
  10. IMU LSM9DS0
  11. MS5611 - preasure
  12. Protoboard
  13. Others(cables, connectors, resistances, etc)
  14. Bluetooth

This list have been changed during the project development.



Thanks to Toradex for the module Colibri T20, Iris Carrier Board and the Ambicon Wifi dongle.

For the technical information please visit project resources.


Embedded Operating System Selection

Our first step to start to work with the module Colibri T20, is the selection of one embedded operating system to flash on it, for this Toradex provide Windows CE/Embedded compact and Linux BSD.  

Windows Embedded

Design by Microsoft, is open, scalable, real time and 32-bits operating system. Some of its features are real-time kernel, networking, multimedia, and internet browsing [1]. The kernel can fit in small footprint devices [2].

The following table presents the strengths and weaknesses from my point of view based on our needs, for a general view please refer to the references.

Windows Embedded



Small memory requirements

Limited Win32-based applications support

Remote management


Connection administrator application


Reliable remote display


Easy integration with Mobile device center


Easy integration with Microsoft  Development Enviroment.


Wide variety of tools and documentation provide by Toradex.


Wide variety of drivers available.



To get more information about WIN CE features please visit here.


Linux BSD

"Free and open source operating system, including no royalties or license fees, stable kernel and ability to modify and redistribute the source code" [3].

The following table presents the strengths and weaknesses from my point of view based on our needs, for a general view please refer to the references.

Linux BSD



Small memory requirements

Limited peripherical device support

Firefox browser

No win32-based applications support

Remote Management


Open source


Customize Image


Connection administrator application


To get more information about Linux features please visit here.


My Experience

At the beginning I flash Linux BSD on the Colibri T20 module, because is the one that I have some experience, to start I follow the steps provide here: Flashing and setting up development environment

Once running Linux, I set it up all the environment and start to cross compile some applications from my laptop to the board, and generate the make file. Afterwards using ssh, I checked that the application run correctly. However sometimes I required checking the display content of the board, for this it’s necessary to setup the environment with the screen (DVI-VGA), keyboard and mouse.

On the other hand, at the time to install some applications some repositories were down, requiring the setup and cross compilation for the Colibri T20 of some application that we need.

Later on, I took a look of the WIN CE features, libraries, tools and utilities provide by Toradex (here) were I found several services and drivers that will help me out to accomplish my goal. 

Nowadays, I am traveling around more than once a week several miles to different places, so bring or have the availability of a screen, keyboard and other tools is a difficult. For this of the PC tools offer for WINCE is the Remote Display, which allows me to see the Win CE desktop on your development PC. Using connection over USB ActiveSync or Ethernet[4].

 Finally, based in my personal preferences and my daily life, I select WinCE7. I should clarify that it has nothing to do with the capability of the embedded operating systems. 



[1] http://h20271.www2.hp.com/SMB-AP/downloads/OS-guide-for-thin%20clients.pdf

[2] http://developer.toradex.com/software-resources/arm-family/windows-ce

[3] http://developer.toradex.com/software-resources/arm-family/linux

[4] http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/remote-display

[5] Linux: http://developer.toradex.com/software-resources/arm-family/linux/features

[6]WinCE: http://developer.toradex.com/software-resources/arm-family/windows-ce/features


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