Wearable Intertace for Teleoperation of Robot Arms - WITRA

[Update 1] IMU Testing - LPMS-B
Update #10108  |  03 Jul 2014


This IMU presents an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer. It is possible to get the raw data from these sensors. However, there is an embedded processor used to perform the filtering and fusion of the data, in a way to produce stable and reliable output. The output data can be read in terms of Euler Angles, Quaternions or Linear Acceleration. 

The inertial sensor also has a magnetic field compensation software and thus the data is not influenced by variations of the magnetic field surrounding the sensor. 

The data can either be viewed on LP-Reseach's software (and also recorded and played back) or it can be acquired using a C++ code, using the libraries provided by the manufacturing company.

A picture of the IMU working:



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