Wearable Intertace for Teleoperation of Robot Arms - WITRA

[Update 11] Wirelessly Setting the Setpoint of Impedance Control on SCARA
Update #10137  |  28 Nov 2014

On this video you can see how we send information over TCP/IP from a PC to SCARA's server with the end-effector's cartesian position information.

On the robot side, the server expects a setpoint information continuously. This setpoint is set as the setpoint for the Impedance Controller (you can check more out about it at our last update: http://challenge.toradex.com/projects/10157-wearable-intertace-for-teleoperation-of-robot-arms-witra/updates/10135-impedance-control-implementation-on-scara

The server expects a string of the form


which contais four pieces of information: the mode of control, x-coordinate, y-coordinate and z-coordinate, on this order, for the robot's end-effector.

We'are using Hercules [1] to create a TCP Client and send strings with information to the robot's server.

This way we can wirelessly set the goal position for SCARA's end-effector continuously. The next step is to integrate this with WITRA and make the wearable interface send this piece of information and remotely operate the robot. 




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