Wearable Intertace for Teleoperation of Robot Arms - WITRA

[Update 15] A new improvement: the 3rd IMU
Update #10144  |  06 Dec 2014

We are happy to announce that WITRA has come to its final step (and hopefully final version) with the addition of the third (and last) IMU. Now we have 3 IMUs:

  • One at the upper-arm to capture the shoulder rotations;
  • One at the forearm to capture the elbow rotations;
  • One at the hand to capture the wrist rotations;


Figure 1: How the three IMUs are placed at the user's arm

So far, we had only 2 IMUs on WITRA, which gave us the kinematic calculation of the position of the wrist of the user. Now, with the third IMU at the hand, we can calculate the position of the center of the hand of the user. Since the wrist behaves as a ball-joint, a much finer teleoperation method is achieved. 

Now that we showed you how the connections on WITRA are made, we hope to post soon a video showing the interface actually working. 

By the way, forgive me for the bad quality of the video, but my hands are shaky :-)


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