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3. Qt environment configuration results
Update #10125  |  10 Nov 2014

Qt configuration

After a few days of work I managed to compile all the necessary stuff without errors using OpenEmbedded. This allowed me to start work on Qt configuration on my developer machine. All the necessary information that are needed to set up Qt Creator are available in Toradex Developer Center [1]. Errors that occurred during work resulted mainly from the lack of packages. The missing packages can be easily found using the packages search engine for Ubuntu [2]. My development machine is running Ubuntu 14.04.


First Qt application with GUI

After whole setup was successful I decided to make custom button for future GUI usage. In order to create it I made my own image of button in two states: normal and pressed.

Custom made button for Qt test application


After creating graphics, I made my first project in configured Qt environment. Thanks to Qt, configuration of objects is very comfortable by using style sheets [3]. That is the best way to change background image of button and edit other visual options. But before we can use .png file for button it is good to create new resource storage in project and load images in to project, work become much easier and we have all files that we need in our project for future use.

Here is my style sheet source for main window where I load .png files for button background image, and configure few other options:

Style Sheet of test application

Successful build result of first program made using Qt Creator


As initially I decided to use LinuxImageV2.3beta any attempt to start the application on the Colibri T20 generate errors. In order to get rid of the errors and run compiled program on target I had to install a few packages made using OpenEmbedded. After that application started without problems.

Qt test application on Colibri T20


[2] Ubuntu package search engine: