Vision System for Industrial Robots

6. Hardware: Power Supply and RS232 module
Update #10187  |  28 Mar 2015

Module information

This module has been made to solve problem of different voltage levels between Iris board and USB hub power supply. Also it provide D-Sub 9 port for standard RS232 device connection.

Power Supply and RS232 Module



D-Sub 9 socket is connected to IDC 10 socket by DTK/Intel standard. According to [1] Iris Carrier Board Peripherals document this allow to establish connection between Iris board X13 header and my module IDC socket using 10 way ribbon. Robot can be now connected with system using standard RS232 cable. Input voltage is lowered reduced to 5V for USB hub by [2] L78S05 voltage regulator. This solution allow to use one power supply for whole system instead of separate power supply for USB hub and Iris board. Module include main power switch and red diode that indicates the presence of voltage for user comfort.